Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is about bringing individuals and communities together through mindfulness based practices to achieve greater fulfilment and well-being.  We believe in helping each other to flourish in the best possible way, enabling all individuals to gain the therapeutic tools necessary for healing and happiness.

What We Do

Life Coaching with Mindfulness promotes healing and happiness.  It is about connecting with the here and now and awakening our senses to strenghten our well-being and to flourish. Learn mindfulness & meditation techniques for daily life, see our courses, activities, and individual packages to suit your needs for self help or to help others. You can contact us on 07813 616008

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yoga – Pure Beginners

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness Life Coaching

  • Reiki Healing

  • Mindfulness Courses


Jenny is a trusted friend and colleague who has been there when I have personally and professionally needed her support and guidance.

Paul, Workforce Development Manager

Jenny has accomplished so much in her life.  As a certified coach, I am able to recognise the qualities in Jenny, which make her an exceptional coach, teacher and mindfulness consultant

Anne, Leadership Coach & Spiritual Counsellor

I was lucky enough to have Jenny as a tutor for over 2 years. Her kind, sensitive, sincere and empathetic approach was the help I required to succeed.

Mandy, Social Work Manager Kingston

I have known and worked with Jenny for over 2 years. She has a huge range of skills and talents as a coach, counsellor and therapist. Her mindfulness coaching has helped me through a recent crossroad. She offered me insightful, gentle , positive and extremely useful advice using the mindfulness cards. The cards helped me look at four very different aspects of my life and I felt much clearer and more confident about my path. The mindfulness cards are light to use, I really like the design and light hearted simple pictures. Jenny’s wise and calming presence made for a soothing and enjoyable session.Jenny is a really experienced and natural teacher, a generous and beautiful soul , if you get a chance to work with her, do.

Gru Rayner (May 2018)

Thank you Jenny – I really enjoyed our sessions, especially the use of the mindful cards! I was so impressed on how they are used to unlock information and thoughts, they have taken me down a completely different road to happiness.

Theresa from New Haw, 2018

Thank you for helping me on my journey, I have honestly got so much out of the coaching and cannot thank you enough

Holly - Aged 25- parent & aspiring photographer. 2017

I hope you know that the work you do is amazing !’

David - Newly Qualified Social Worker. 2017

New to coaching, Jenny highlighted to me what was possible. She is a gifted practitioner, with a wealth of knowledge to share and someone that really values and cares about what she brings to her practise. She creates an environment where you feel ambitions can absolutely become a reality.

Sara, Weybridge - Coach


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